Cholrem inc. is a specialty biopharmaceutical company leveraging advanced proprietary technologies to develop first-in-class drugs.


Research into cyclodextrin is quickly proving that cyclodextrin will emerge as a major therapeutically beneficial product for the 2020’s decade.

Scientific studies and research into cyclodextrin are showing that enhanced cholesterol transport within the body has major benefits in a huge range of health issues, including Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer disease, Kidney disease, Macular degeneration etc.

More and more companies are beginning to research end products for cyclodextrin but are years away from having approved products ready for market. Some of these companies are solely dedicated to cyclodextrin research and are valued in excess of $100 million without a single commercial product.

While these companies struggle to develop a product for a dedicated treatment, Cholrem has developed its own cyclodextrin (CAVADEX®) and has moved forward and made CAVADEX® available for general use. Much like a vitamin, Cholrem inc. products provide immediate access to CAVADEX® by the consumer and as the science shows, CAVADEX® can’t harm you but instead every dose you take is doing some good for your overall health.

Cholrem inc. is the only company with a commercially available cyclodextren treatment. Our first product, the RemChol enema, is now available giving consumers immediate access to this incredible compound. The Cholrem inc. products are designed to deliver up to 1 gram of CAVADEX® daily. This accumulates to over 300 grams per year, providing huge health benefits to the consumer.

As the science continues to show the benefits of cyclodextrin, Cholrem inc. is ready to satisfy the increasing demand for this new health improving treatment.