Heart disease
America's number 1 killer

World first treatment

Reduction in cholesterol and other lipids
Plaque reduction within 4 weeks

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Lower cholesterol
Plaque reduction within 4 weeks

CAVADEX® reduces atherosclerosis

Heart disease and treatment explained.

RemChol reverses Heart Disease

Scientists discover treatment to reverse heart disease.

Angina dramatically reduced in 30 days. No diets or exercise.
RemChol tubes deliver 6 grams of CAVADEX® that circulates around the vascular system sucking up cholesterol and other lipids and transporting it out via the urinary system.

RemChol tubes are available now to be used from home.

Years of research to deliver a treatment for the western world’s number 1 killer, Heart Disease.


The only cyclodextrin proven safe in the treatment of atherosclerosis

Our Trial Data


Angiogram: First patient has plaque reduction in just 4 weeks

CAVADEX® was administered to our first patient at our Melbourne clinic in April 2019 and within 4 weeks the plaque was reduced.

CAVADEX® circulates around the cardiovascular system removing built up cholesterol and plaque resulting in significant plaque reduction.

CAVADEX® is absorbed via intravenous application or as an enema only. If taken orally it is destroyed in the gut and has no effect.

Regular low doses of CAVADEX® can have a significant effect on plaque build up over time.


Lipid levels halved.

Dramatic reduction in plaque within 4 weeks

12 grams of CAVADEX® was administered for 26 days over a 48 day period.
STUNNING RESULTS Lipids halved, Liver improves, Plaque reduced.

Cholesterol from 10.6 (409) down to 4.1 (159)
Triglycerides from 20.0 (1771) down to 4.6 (409)
LDL from 3.7 (143) down to 1.8 (69)

GGT from 102 down to 78
ALT from 65 down to 37
AST from 42 down to 25

Products Containing CAVADEX®

Remchol enema tubes

Remchol for home use

RemChol delivers CAVADEX® via an enema.
Each tube contains 8 grams of CAVADEX® with over 2 grams absorbed into the blood stream with every treatment.

Remchol tubes can be administered as often as one tube a day.

Available now

More Science

Science Articles


Cyclodextrin reprogrammed the cells in plaques, leading to increased transport of the dissolved cholesterol away from the plaques...

Science Daily

Cyclodextrin dissolves cholesterol crystals and reduces atherosclerotic plaques...

Huffington Post

can actually solubilize cholesterol and dissolve the plaques...

Science Daily

Soaked up cholesterol and removed it...

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

have the potential in lowering deaths caused by atherosclerosis...

CAVADEX® removes plaque and cholesterol

plaque reduced in just 4 weeks

A recent study by the University Hospital in Bonn, Germany discovered that cyclodextrin melts away cholesterol crystals (the main cause of arterial plaque that clogs arteries) and reduced existing plaque within just 4 weeks. The cyclodextrin bound to and dissolved the cholesterol crystals from the plaque of mice, leading to transport of the dissolved cholesterol away from the plaques. The same effects were seen in human plaque samples treated with cyclodextrin.

Article : Cyclodextrin promotes atherosclerosis regression via macrophage reprogramming

Improve Liver function

Another study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, shows the treatment of Npc1-deficient mice slows cholesterol sequestration in major organs and improves liver function. This study shows that cyclodextrin is effective in mobilizing entrapped cholesterol in late stage NPC disease leading to improved liver function.

Article : Systemic administration of 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrin to symptomatic Npc1-deficient mice slows cholesterol sequestration in the major organs and improves liver function.