10 week study

Cholrem conducted a 10 week study on the effects of CAVADEX® on plaque removal throughout the vascular system.

The study commenced on June the 22nd.
The treatment consisted of multiple daily doses of CAVADEX® being administered intravenously.

Week 8 results

Liver now normal
ALP, AST, ALT and Urate are all now normal. Amazing results!
ALT was 56 is now 37 (in normal range)
Urate went from 0.50 at the start of the treatment, now down to 0.249
Cholesterol now at 4.1 down from 10.6 at the start of the trial
Triglyceride now at 4.5 down from 20.0 at the start of the trial
Non HDLC was 8.30, now normal at 3.11
HDL is 0.99 and LDL is 1.5, all normal

Liver function dramatically improved

Plaque is shrinking by almost 20%

Stunning results!

NOTE: This study is on the effects of CAVADEX® without any lifestyle changes.

Ultrasound of plaque

Before taken 14th June (before treatment): After taken 26th July (6 weeks into trial)

Length went from 6.7 mm down to 6.1 mm

Width went from 5.0 mm down to 4.7 mm

Height went from 2.0 mm down to 1.7 mm

This was achieved with CAVADEX over just 6 weeks (17 treatments)

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